and heere’s the progress gif whoo

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» whydoeseveryonelikewip’s qq

hi back from hanging with friends

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hated the first assassin drawing, made a new composition in OC1 instead

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"hi, yes, I would like one oni-shirtless guy with kitten-giri, please."

says the manly voiced shota.

Edit* Decided to google what GIRI means and now the game kinda makes sense on why it’s called OniGiri if you follow the story a bit.
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Divine Knight Teaser

Nearly choked from excitement over the armor designs… Good Morning, Mabi tag, have fun with SAO event!

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Summer isn’t over yet!

Someday, I’ll work on more ‘At the Beach’ series of drawings.

Or be able to will myself to draw a background. (googled background)

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i don’t want to

(I don’t even know how too)

someone stop me

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» nonononoononononnononoo don’t do it dan- god dang it dan

I started another big drawing.

/stares at the WIP’s sitting in the dust

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Draw yourself as a Pokémon trainer with your favorite pokémon? :D

I already did this, but I guess I’ll add in my 2nd fav. Pokemon, Mareep //u//)

Don’t ever evolve, Mareep. /weeps drinking milk boba