My sis wanted a Skype icon.

This is her temporary icon for now.

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smells like nerd

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Good-Bye, Summer!

I gave up everything lol

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hey, if you’re a mutual don’t ignore this

stop reblogging reposts of artist’s works. stop reblogging reprints from pixiv, drawr, twitter, etc. regardless of whether there is a source or not. not all artists want their artwork to be shared in public without their knowledge. it can range from many different reasons: they may be anxious that you can be making fun of them, anxious that you may be making a profit out of their art. it may be because it is just plain disrespectful or they may be shy about it.

if you asked permission to post, put that in the description with proof. if they stated on their pixiv or other site that it is okay to repost then put that in the description. heck, even try to find the artist’s tumblr if they have one!

stop reposting, stop reblogging reposts and start reblogging from the artist’s tumblr instead to show respect. ask permission to repost to show respect. artists have deleted their pixivs, drawrs, specific pieces of their artwork because of reposts. don’t let this continue happening.

Best to Reblog than just Like to get the message across.

Not a lot of people are aware of this plus many use the excuse “I didn’t know” when all the signs was there.

Ignorance is not an excuse.

It is a mistake to learn and pass on that knowledge to prevent it.

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If my bro plays an archer in the games we play, I get to sit back and do nothing because awoopwoopwoopwoop =o)uwu)9

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I swear I’ll work on my other WIP’s I posted

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gimp’s too much a pain for me to learn to use and adjust (the tools)

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drawing frosted tips is a pain

I’mma redo the frosted rose after my walk

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