Rise and Fall - Azure

I’ve started a million drawings lately, and want to put so many hours into each of them, and thus end up finishing very few.  But here’s Azure! It’s been a while since I’ve drawn her, and even longer since I’ve drawn something with meaning.

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horfing said: I used to play Fantasica but quit because of the pay bias, and because it was kind of stressful for me being attacked every day LMAO… BUT I’M SO ANGRY AT THESE HOT BOYS ugh I play Quiz now, but I need more cute boys…

I jumped in the bathroom when I got him when I re-invoked.

QUIZ!RPG is a really good card game. You have to have real luck to get good cards (more money for more chances, yknow the deal), but everything is based on your knowledge to advance~ /dumb@sports&entertainment qq.

There is no trading however and sometimes evolving event cards is a pain, though it’s not hard if you put some time in a day. I get the feeling no trading card games are more… relaxed.

But yes, send in more cute boys, Quiz!

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Recently, Fantasica has been pushing most of my allies who are 100% Free Players to the edge on each new events that I don’t think some of them even sleep normally anymore… last one favored payers by removing potion use (so if you want to grind, you have to BUY EVENT ONLY potion) and this one too on getting the final three cards or all.

It’s a shame… it has a charm point as a defense fortress card game, though repetitive, and yet they’re favoring the pay to win players more and more… Even P2W players are getting fed up… It’s no longer a Free2Play Game.

Cash Shop should only give an advantage or benefit to play a game, not being the only option to get anything!

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Synthesized myself a BLACK DYE and a DARK GRAY DYE

This makes up for missing hot time for me. huehuehue

Thank you Mabinogi goddess

edit* I got another pair of gray dyes the next day. ThankyouMabiGoddesses




reblog and add your drawing!

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trying to motivate myself to draw today

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✍ more crying shinjis


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everyone should make bird ocs /lies down

and then put ur bird oc in a high school setting
and then put them in a school uniform

everyone should just make high school bird ocs in high school uniforms

or college even omg ^q^ omg………..


I made a bird


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✍ DITO FROM DRAKENGARD 3!!!! as a disclaimer i don't actually like the game i just like his face



sadistic little shotas

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