lazy octopus legs

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does anyone know what this (that suddenly drop down at the beach shore) is??? I always fall in one of these and I still don’t know what it really is??

thanks aleeh & pho; It’s a slope, according to them.

when I went to the beach again, it seems to be actually just levels of sand slopes from the waves when it gets close to night. If we had gone earlier last time, I would have of been standing at the bottom of the said slope before the water level covered it.

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got distracted on open canvas because of this music

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The Shape of Ideas

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This is just one example. And, I am not good at English.

I’m sorry if my English is hard to understand…

It is very good If you send the URL of my blog with the message. 

Please tell myself things to the author. It’s very important. So one to feel very fear is “Do not know who is you”.

Please send a message if you want to know other ask message.

I shall be happy if I can be of any help, thank you ;)


  • こんにちは。いきなりのメッセージ失礼します。あなたの絵を他の人に紹介したいのですが、私のブログに掲載してもいいですか?
    (Hello. I’m sorry to send a message suddenly. I want to introduce in my blog a your art. Are you sure I want to post a your art in my blog?)
  • こんにちは。いきなりのメッセージ失礼します。あなたの絵を私のアイコンに使いたいのですが、使用してもよろしいでしょうか?(Hello. I’m sorry to send a message suddenly. I want to use my icon the your art. Are you sure I want to use a your art in my icon?)
  • こんにちは。いきなりのメッセージ失礼します。あなたの漫画を翻訳して私のブログに載せたいのですが、よろしいでしょうか?(Hello. I’m sorry to send a message suddenly. I want to translate the cartoon you drew. And I want to post it on my blog. Do you allow it?)


It takes about 5 seconds of your time to copy and paste one of those messages and send it to the artist.

It takes 5 hours or more (usually more) to create a full-colour illustration.

Remember, artists have the final say over where their work gets shared and how their work is used. Always ask permission first.

Another thing I want to add that happens so often, it pisses me off…

If they do not respond, it does NOT mean yes!

edit* It seems in Pixiv copyright policy, it’s stated it is illegal to upload users work outside anyways. So, ask. Don’t support posted arts without given permission, please c:

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and heere’s the progress gif whoo

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» whydoeseveryonelikewip’s qq

hi back from hanging with friends

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hated the first assassin drawing, made a new composition in OC1 instead

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"hi, yes, I would like one oni-shirtless guy with kitten-giri, please."

says the manly voiced shota.

Edit* Decided to google what GIRI means and now the game kinda makes sense on why it’s called OniGiri if you follow the story a bit.
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Divine Knight Teaser

Nearly choked from excitement over the armor designs… Good Morning, Mabi tag, have fun with SAO event!

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