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I swear I’ll work on my other WIP’s I posted

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gimp’s too much a pain for me to learn to use and adjust (the tools)

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» I ordered a Fracho’s and the chefs were like fist bump yeah

but there is no more forks.

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drawing frosted tips is a pain

I’mma redo the frosted rose after my walk

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» I didn’t know about the giveaway on Saturday for Mabi’s Treasure Hunter release

'orz is it a good gun though I wonder

sobsob Mabi tag didn’t say anything about giveaway and I didn’t have the wiki bookmarked on this laptop /tearsss

Edit* Thank you Velrim I feel slightly better after readin it not being upgradable. Thank you Odo for your kind offer, but I’ll pass owo) Best I work my rururu character up till he can handle guns and get one my own.
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this happens with both sidebars. is there a way to make it stop??

Remove FireAlpaca from your computer (like, everything, save the custom brushes) and reinstall the newest FA. It should stop it from resetting your sidebar settings when restarting FA and fix that odd problem. Hopefully.

Good Luck

tags: FireAlpaca + Installed FireAlpaca on Laptop and it doesn't do that weird sidebar reset sizing + So assuming it had something to do with the old FA settings +

Forgot about FireAlpaca old setting. It’s not so bad.

Still trying to get use to Tablet + Laptop.

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Stay Hydrated

practicing on laptop with tablet

50% image shrunk, no custom brush

tags: FireAlpaca + a lot of the anatomy of is off +

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

whooo finished this and changed my job class to Treasure Hunter q7q)9

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