File: oohlala hands was not really so oohlala, sorry!

I will focus on oohlala tomorrow than beach girl after.

Thanks for voting guys :>

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» I have two WIP’s called “beach girl” and “oohlala hands”

Which one should I do first?

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now I dump some sketches here because they look better in sketch form

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(Source: bloody-pony-y)

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Menou the Courteous

Messed up by accidentally deleting the weapon lines // - //)

Luckily I saved the image before, before the white laces…

Please click, because Tumblr resizes and blurry ; u ; )

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nova-arterius: Replace Eir with a Turnip, and this is how I kinda imagine Roii when you mention BEAR”

okay. [origin]
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finallllly za painnnn

(The white lace comes in during coloring qq)

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people are legitimately terrifying

hand people?

do i truly have to explain this?

Lol, nah.
Honestly though what the fuck

This is fake and from a satire website. Supposedly inspired by the upcoming movie The Purge.

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Already hit a curve in the ninja quest // - \)

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